iggy's gmod commission price sheet

prices and examples will be below, but here are some general rules- i have the right to refuse any request, and payment will be given prior to the creation of your art
- NSFW posters will cost an additional 30 ref
- i prefer to do posters with TF2 assets; if you want a poster with characters from other franchises, it will cost an additional 15 ref
if interested in a commission, send me a friend request on steam with the button at the bottom of this page

poster - 25 refined

posters come with 1-2 characters, a background of your choice, and effects of your choosing
if you want extra characters, it will cost 10 ref for each additional character

icon - 15 ref

icons will be made in two formats;
one will be with a background of your choosing, the other will be transparent (a .png) for your personal use
stylized icons will cost 5 more ref